Former group members

Dr. Lukasz Migas PhD 2018 Delft University of Technology
Dr. Alina Theisen PhD 2018 Peter O’Connor Group UK
Dr. Rosie Upton PhD 2018 Covans, Pharmaceutical company UK
Dr. Kamila Pacholarz PhD 2015 Allergan, Pharmaceutical company UK
Dr. Jacquelyn R Jhingree PhD 2018
Dr. Bin Yan NPL London UK
Dr. Eleanor Dickinson PhD. 2016 Post-Doc Denmark – Pr Kasper Rand group
Dr, Christopher Nortcliffe PhD. 2016 AB-Sciex UK
Dr. Ashley Philipps PhD. 2016 LGC UK
Dr. Jakub Ujma PhD. 2016 Waters, Wilmslow UK
Dr. Rebecca Beveridge PhD. 2015 Post Doc, Vienna Austria –
Dr. Sophie Harvey PhD. 2014 Post doc.,  Ohio State University – Vicky Wysocki Group
Dr. Ewa Jurneczko PhD. 2013 Post doc., Vanderbilt University – John McLean Group
Dr. Harriet Cole PhD. 2013  Medical Student at the University of Edinburgh
Dr. Yana Berezovskaya PhD. 2012
Dr. Roland Chu PhD. 2012 Senior Registrar, Department of Dermatology, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
Dr. Jude Nicholson PhD. 2011 Post doc. Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology
Dr. Martin De Cecco PhD. 2011 Senior Applications Chemist, Waters (Manchester).Customer demonstrations and training – Biopharmaceutical applications.
Dr. Fiona McAllister PhD. 2010 Post doc, Harvard Medical School, Dept. Cell Biology.
Development of mass spectrometry based proteomics methods
Dr. Stefan Esswein PhD. 2010 Group Leader, NBE Analytical R&D,
Abbvie Deutschland GmbH & Co KGMy team and I take care of the analytical challenges of biological pharmaceutical products during their development and are experts in characterising and quantifying protein aggregates and particles.
Dr. Peter Faull PhD. 2009 Head of Proteomics & Biological Mass Spectrometry at MRC Clinical Science Centre,
Imperial College London.I work with research groups here to develop quantitative phosphoproteomic methods.
Dr. Jason Kalapothakis PhD. 2009 Post Doc. Schools of Physics and Astronomy and Chemistry
University of Edinburgh
Post Doc. 2010-13
Dr. Emily Seo Post Doc.  2007-9 Lab Director of the Shared Instrument Facility
With Campopiano and Uhrin University of British Columbia
Past position: Associate Editor at Wiley-VCH
Dr. Andrew Stopford PhD. 2008 Post-doctoral Research Fellow Petroleum Reservoir Group, Department of Geoscience
University of Calgary
Dr. Wutharath Chin Post Doc.   2006-7 Staff Scientist Institut des Sciences Moléculaires ISMO – UMR 8214 CNRS – Univ., France.
Our group research is concerned with the dynamics and molecular spectroscopy in cryogenic solids for probing fundamental processes such as  electronic or vibrational relaxation, photoreactivity.
Dr. Hannah Florance PhD. 2008 Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager, University of Exeter
The facility specializes in targeted and untargeted metabolomics using a combination of LC and GC MS techniques.
Dr. Hayden Eastwood PhD. 2007
Dr. Bryan McCullough PhD. 2006 Senior Researcher, Organic Analysis (Innovation), LGC, Teddington
LGC is the UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for Chemical and Bioanalytical Measurement. We perform research into measurement science in order to support UK trade, industry, academia and government. The team I work in has a particular focus on new technology such as portable mass spectrometry.
Dr. Sally Shiran PhD. 2005 Scientific Officer
Proteomics Core Facility
University of St Andrews