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The Barran Group can be contacted as follows:

Professor Perdita E. Barran
The Michael Barber Centre for Collaborative Mass Spectrometry
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
The University of Manchester
131 Princess Street
M1 7DN, UK

t: +44 (0) 161 275 0256

The Manchester Institute of Biotechnology is located in the John Garside Building on the Sackville Street campus of The University of Manchester and is easily accessible from the city centre. It is within a few minutes walk of the main city railway station, Manchester Piccadilly. The entrance to MIB is from a raised courtyard accessible via a ramp from Sackville Street or steps from Princess Street.


  1. Well, thank you. You just helped me to finalize my own diagnosis of Parkinson Disease. I will be calling my doctor for an appointment tomorrow, for an evaluatiion and confirmation. I have had gradual symptoms arriving over probably the past ten years or so, but the most profound was also the most compelling: my urine took on a very distinct smell a few months ago, which I describe as smoky. I initially thought it to be from not drinking as much water as I always have, but then read your article about Joy. A number of years ago I was a food taster for Capmbell’s, which was a fun gig for me. The head of the lab called me a “super taster” because I could so easily discern what was in a particular competitor’s food they were trying to dissect to draw info from.

    I am now positive I have Parkinsons Disease. A few years back my handwriting went totally south. I can’t control my script. I have what I call “shaky legs” and my balance is totally off. I have simply made adjustments to these changes, but it has become increasingly more difficult. The article about the “super smellers” pulled it all together for me.

    Is there some way I might be able to help in work being done on this aspect of Parkinsons? I live in the Boston area.


    Lorna Maclachlan

  2. Hi,
    I am a 58yr old woman with a diagnosis of PLMD, my legs feel like jelly sometimes. I dont swing my right arm much but I think that is because I buggered my shoulder in fairness.
    My grandmother on my mothers side had Parkinsons.
    I am hoping you would be interested in swabbing me for research purposes and for my own curiosity. I visit the north to see my mum in Liverpool so I dont require expenses.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Kindest regards

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