Collaborators & Links


Much of our work is performed in collaboration with other research groups in Edinburgh, the UK and Internationally. We also have very strong industrial links, in particular with Waters and with UCB Pharma. We welcome further collaborations, so please contact us at

University of Edinburgh

Professor Cait MacPhee Amyloid systems and IDPs
SIRCAMS ECD, high resolution MS
Dr. Julia Dorin Defensins Structure Function
Dr. Tilo Kunath alpha Synuclein
Professor Ted Hupp p53, MDM2 interactome
Professor Kathryn Ball Disordered protein of the cancer genome
Dr. Paul Lusby IM-MS and MS of Supramolecular assemblies
Dr. Dominic Campopiano industrial biotechnology, metal binding proteins and acyl carrier proteins

External Academic Collaborators

Dr. Derek Macmillan,
Peptides conformations and defensins
Professor Brian Volkman,
Medical College of Wisconsin
Dr. Penka Nikolova,
p53 mutants
Professor Richard Kriwacki,
St Judes Children’s Hospital, Memphis
IDPs, p53 and interactions
Professor Lee Cronin,
The University of Glasgow
IM-MS of supramolecular systems
Dr. Isabelle Compagnon,
The University of Lyon
Spectroscopy and IM-MS
Professors Tom Rizzo and Oleg Boyarkine,
Spectroscopy, b-sheet interrogation
Dr. Kathrin Breuker,
University of Innsbruck
ECD of proteins
Professor Colin Creaser,
Loughborough University
IM-MS calibration

Industrial Collaborators

Other Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Groups

Professor Alison Ashcroft,
University of Leeds
Professor Albert Heck,
Utrecht University
Professor Mike Bowers,
University of California, Santa Barbara
Professor Neil Oldham,
Nottingham University
Dr Justin Benesch,
University of Oxford
Professor Brandon Ruotolo,
University of Michigan
Professor Matthew Bush,
University of Washington
Dr. Michal Sharon,
Weizmann Institute of Science
Professor David Clemmer,
Indiana University
Professor Chrys Wesdemiotis,
University of Akron
Professor Colin Creaser,
Loughborough University
Dr David Russell,
Texas A&M University
Dr Philippe Dugourd,
Université Claude Bernard Lyon
Professor Carol Robinson,
University of Oxford
Dr Herbert Hill,
Washington State University